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Performance made of passion in the service of the customers.

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MulTra Management

Founder and shareholder

Deniz Daskin
CIO / IT-Leiter

Onik Mia
CEO / Geschäftsführer

Experten für digitales Lernen

Today´s business environment is characterized by continuous and fast changes. Companies transform their business models and digitize their production processes. Jobs are getting flexibilizied and information processes accelerated. These circumstances lead to a transformation of human resource development and corporate learning culture. Employees have to constantly evolve and develop their activity-based skills in order to quickly and specifically react to the continuous changes of their work environment. We attend your HR organization and training department when going through the digital process of change.

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Our mission

We support companies in their human resource development and in digitally transforming their corporate trainings. In doing so we provide the transfer from traditional and analog formats to future-oriented, innovative and effective learning arrangements.

With a lot of love for creativity and innovation we develop needs-based and effective digital learning solutions in the field of learning management systems and support companies´ initialization and operation of corporate online academies featuring qualification and certification courses.

Our customers and partners

Our mission is the creation of value in corporate learning and development for small and medium-sized enterprises plus corporations in the sectors healthcare & pharma, finance & banking, consumer electronics and automotive.

You may concentrate fully on your key business.

As content partner within strategic partnerships we develop digital further training programs together with our customers aiming at increasing and fully automated generating sales for our customers.

Our aspiration

By always creating a clear win-win situation we succeed in catalyzing disruptive innovations and introducing them at the right time into the market at the service of our customers. Not only meeting individual requirements but by far exceeding output expectations. We are aware of our customers attaching a lot of importance to our work and expecting reputational and especially commercial success from our digitization.

Our work

Due to our customers´ high expectations our everyday work is filled with various exciting and challenging tasks which we gladly attend to with full vigour and high passion. To ensure long-term success we are always aware of our mission and our service´s multiplier effect. It is our goal to assist each company in passing through a digital transformation which is as acceptable and success-oriented as possible.

EU Auszeichnung

MulTra´s e-learning services have been awarded by the European Commission multiple times.
Renowned academics of the European Commission honored MulTra with the Comenius EduMedia Award for excellent performance in learning solutions regarding didactic-pedagogic, contentual, creative and technical aspects.


In 2018 MulTra attended the World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos and was selected as a member of theManagement Board of EEA – Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Media Group. EEA is a conglomeration of global companies realizing practice-oriented pilot projects. As a member of the observatory MulTra is actively engaged at the European Parliament in using education tools to catalyze the expansion of Europe´s e-learning infrastructure.

MulTra keeps observing technological innovations on the market regarding their practical relevance for companies and effectively, efficiently and cost-consciously expands talent and learning management capabilities as well as e-learning capabilities to produce innovations whose impact generates measurable added values with unique selling points.

The Economic Forum of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Huffington Post and the magazine Entrepreneur refer to MulTra´s e-learning services as „phenomenal“ since MulTra is realizing the rollout of e-learning modules at little cost to enscure their customers´ measurable success.

MulTra consulting case studies at digital personnel development.


In 2015 MulTra received an invitation from the former French President François Hollande to the Élysée Palace in Paris to participate in a digital conference along with the former economics minister and current French President Emmanuel Macron and the former German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

At this conference it was acknowledged that MulTra´s knowledge transfer methods facilitate the pooling of specialist knowledge from different disciplines and enable digital communication between different topics. This allows for a transfer of competence which is adequate to the growing requirements of a digital society.

In 2018 MulTra organized a conference at the Soho House Berlinin cooperation with EEA and Deutsches Digital Institut (German Digital Institute) bringing together industry leaders from the media sector such as employees of Axel Springer and Bertelsmann The event of MulTra was moderated by the renowned mediapsychologist Prof. Dr. Jo Groebel. Subject of discussion was the application of innovative digital technologies in the media sector. The assembly concluded that e-learning technologies open up new opportunities of monetization.

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